Premio  en el concurso internacional Europan 10 EMMEN (Holanda) con la propuesta IT´S MY FOREST.

Emmen is characterized by having a low inhabitants density because of its large expanse. It has a marked green character that turns it into a natural and light city. It last simplicity generates integration problems due to the lack of young people in the downtown. These, are placed in the outskirts, together with the forests. The use of the vehicle is fundamental and parkings shortage turns it into a temporary city where its inhabitants movements are determined for it necessity, not for it well-being.
These are the reasons why a direct revitalisation strategy determines a proposal for creation of a housings forest that relates population growth with the trees. Its origin has a centripetal character of expansion that connects downtown with the forests and young people of Emmen. Each block, each housing will have a personal appearance user defined. The structure allows to increase, to reduce or to create new housings that change throughout the time and the future generations. We will create a connection between tree – user-housing. We will create Emmen’s forest, our FOREST.
Thousands years ago we were looking for a clear in the large forest planet Earth, now in our cities as concrete jungles, we want clears to turn them into forests. The necessity of milestones is necessary in both situations, turning the passage of time into a project tool to return to the primitive thing, to the natural thing. As Marc Augé says in » The no places», he conceives a place as sign of personal identity. An identity that in the current years is getting lost. We are Tarzans in a virtual world in search of our particular personal milestone that makes us be.
This topology is inherent with our culture disinhibiting of rebellion, which provokes not to find a meaning of personal identity in our home. We do not seek to find a milestone in the falsehood. The XXI century Tarzans will live in false Mobius tape in which the uninterrupted continuity between interior and exterior is divided from the point of departure, where the subject hides in a hypocritical and capitalist social reality. What do we hide of? More and more, we wish and become unhappy. Our housings fall to pieces. We do not know what to hide from yet. From the rest? From the rest’s thoughts? Or more sincerely from ourselves? In this way, why not to start planting a tree.