Elíptica Cork Table

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Elíptica Cork Table.  Dimensions:90cm x 60cm x 40cm. All items are made individually on request. The estimated delivery time is 3 months.

The spherical table is inspired from the abstraction, so the designer used a visual language of shape, form, color and line to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the client world, he used the geometric shape with abstract treatments to indicate a departure from reality in depiction of imagery in art. This departure from accurate representation can be slight, partial, or complete, it exists along a continuum. The spherical geometric shape make the client feel comfort and relax when he look at the table. Because both geometric abstraction and lyrical abstraction are often totally abstract. Among the very numerous art movements that embody partial abstraction would be for instance fauvism in which color is conspicuously and deliberately altered vis-a-vis reality, and cubism, which blatantly alters the forms of the real life entities depicted.



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Elíptica Cork Table. Dimensions:90cm x 60cm x 40cm. All items are made individually on request. The estimated delivery time is 3 months.

The Design is inspired from abstract art. The square table is inspired from Piet Mondrian abstract art concept, whose philosophy is based on reducing his shapes to lines and rectangles and his palette to fundamental basics pushing past references to the outside world toward pure abstraction. His use of asymmetrical balance and a simplified pictorial vocabulary were crucial in the development of modern art, and his iconic abstract works remain influential in design and familiar in popular culture to this day, so this table can be used in any modern place.

All the designs are made from cork material which is a natural material also known for its elasticity, buoyancy and near impermeability. Cork is also very light and ranks highly for its insulation properties, making it a great material to use around the home. It is a100 percent natural material that is obtained through an environmentally friendly harvesting process. Cork trees are not cut down to harvest the cork. Instead, the bark is harvested by hand every nine years. Cork trees can live up to 300 years, which means they can be harvested about 33 times during their lifespan. The cork’s processing is relatively straightforward — even waste scraps are collected for use.

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Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 90 × 60 × 40 cm

10 numbered artworks (art certificate joined)


Around 60-90 business days and express delivery worldwide with online tracking. All items are made individually on request.


Cork and Krion solid surface.

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